Club Amba Project | The night starts here
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The night starts here

We follow four people as they get ready for a night out at Club Amba.

Each story is an opportunity to consider sexual relationships and consent, and ask ourselves ‘would we make the same decisions in the same circumstances?’

Laid-back Ben is a keen music blogger and is just as interested in the new DJ at the club as he is in the playlist.

Straightforward and direct, Anna has one thing on her mind, and it’s not just her career. She wants to let her hair down on a girl’s night out with her best friend Caitlin.

Creative and somewhat shy, Michael is a talented manga illustrator who is persuaded by his mates to swap his computer for a beer.

You’ll love Alex! Confident and energetic, he can be a bit of a clown. But it’s good times when he’s around.

Four characters. One night out. But for one of them life will change dramatically for ever.

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